How long could we live?

  Fergus Walsh–Medical correspondent Media captionPeople over the age of 80 give their views on how to age the right way How long do you want to live – to 85, 90, 100 or beyond? More important than how long we live is the state of our health in old age. The oldest verified person […]

Number of genetic markers linked to lifespan triples

25 genetic variants linked to human longevity Date: December 7, 2017 Source: University of Connecticut Summary: Researchers have studied 389,166 volunteers who gave DNA samples to the UK Biobank, US Health and Retirement Study and the Wisconsin Longitudinal Study. In addition to confirming the eight genetic variants that had already been linked to longevity, this […]

The Greek Island with the key to Longevity

By Marissa Tejada 17 November 2017 With thin, white hair pinned to the side and thick glasses perched on the bridge of her nose, Ioanna Proiou slid her wrinkled, sun-spotted fingers over the strands of baby-blue wool stretched across her heavy wooden loom. She clanked a lever forward on the handmade machine again and again, a […]

Enlightenment for Newbies

This book is oriented to those people who are trying to learn what enlightenment is all about, and want to better understand what it is, and how to get there. It is oriented towards beginners who haven’t studied previously on the subject. Issues are discussed such as what is enlightenment, how does one achieve it, […]

The Bible of the Undead

This book is an amazing story by a man with mental powers who also says he knows the secrets of immortality. Click on the image below to learn more: